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The homeowner is responsible between maintenance stops to maintain their pool/spa water chemistry and keep at proper water level.  Canfield Pools in providing a service only and makes to guarantees relating to pool/spa water or equipment.  Spa should be drained once a year.


Please choose one of the Maintenance Packages below:

Authorized Services

By checking a box below, Homeowner authorizes Canfield Pools to perform the checked item(s), as needed or as specified by the Homeowner, at the quoted price.

Travel Charges

By clicking this box and submitting this form Homeowner accepts the terms of this agreement, as well as, Canfield Pools' general Terms & Conditions (a copy will be provided upon request). Homeowner understands that the price quotes in this Maintenance Agreement pertains only to the above states work, and that any additional work will be billed separately. Homeowner is authorizing Canfield Pools to perform any service checked by the homeowner above, as well as, add any chemicals needed to aid in balancing pool water. Homeowner understands that if a repair or part is needed, the homeowner will be contacted and a verbal and/or written quote will be issued before any repair takes place. Homeowner understands, depending on volume of work, any repair needed may not be scheduled right away, but will be scheduled for our next available opening


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