Canfield Pools can create custom shapes and designs in both Vinyl and Gunite pools. Whether you are looking for kidney, L shaped, or a free-form design only you could create - we can build the pool you want!  If you can imagine it we can create it!


The application displayed in this photo is called a "pool in pool" design.  The main swimming area is a roman design, and we have incorporated a rectangular pool around the roman to allow the automatic cover, (hidden below ground), to open and close. 

This pool also features four laminar jets, a 360 degree water slide, and the dive has fiber-optic lighting with a built in water fall!


Beautify your backyard with a custom design perfect for you!

Vinyl lined pools are our most popular pool option for homeowners here in Northeast Ohio. Versatile, beautiful and durable, vinyl lined pools can be designed in almost any shape, depth and design in a wide variety of colors and patterns. With our innovative construction techniques we can offer you many of the features and designs that only used to be available in gunite pools at a fraction of the cost.

We offer custom steps, integrated materials in dozens of colors and textures as well as premium features like custom lighting, water jets, waterfalls, slides, and athletic equipment including basketball hoops and volleyball nets. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

Read about what you can expect during construction!

This vinyl lined pool features a custom concrete surround, diving board, water slide, and deck jets (water jets integrated into the surrounding concrete deck).


Here you can see preformed steps and a basketball net at the shallow end.


This "pool in pool" design features an oval cutout diving area, diving board, custom concrete, and an automatic pool cover - Read more about the safety, security and cost savings of Automatic Pool Covers!



Gunite Pools are a step above the rest, allowing unrestricted design and employing all natural materials, seamlessly integrated with the rest of your design.

This gunite pool incorporates numerous custom features, including a shallow, eighteen-inch deep kiddy pool and a deeper, nine foot deep diving depth adult pool in the same structure.  With a sloping beach entrance at the shallow end, inlaid tile turtle mosaics, and then a division wall with steps on either side to gently step down to diving pool. The deep end also incorporates bench seating.

Gunite pools are the top of the line in pool design and construction allowing you the ultimate in quality and luxury.


Automatic pool covers are are great way to save time and money while granting you peace of mind. With just a turn of the key you uncover your warm and clean pool ~ ready for you,  your family and friends to enjoy!


A closed Automatic Pool Cover is safe and secure!  While there is no substitute for parental supervision, autocovers help keep children and pets from stumbling into the pool. Even when you are not around, there is no way into the pool without parental access.

IMG 0057

Automatic Pool Covers save you an average of  80% of your heating, chemical and water bills.  With the cover closed while the pool is not in use, debris stays out of your pool and heat stays in.  You never have to take the time to clean out leaves and debris or wait for the pool to warm up before jumping in!

 Canfield Pools puts our trust in APC



This photo illustrates a "pool in pool" design with freshly poured decorative concrete.  Notice we are getting ready to pour additional concrete above and to the left side.  Also shown is the empty autocover trough that will house the automatic cover after it is installed. The second photo showes the completed pool after cleaning, sealing and final landscaping.

Canfield Pools prides itself in the cleanliness of its jobsites.  Notice how the pool is covered during the concrete process.  This eliminates the concrete coloring from entering into the pool water and causing unnecessary damage to the pools interior.



Canfield Pools offers complete opening and closing services, liner replacement and concrete pool painting.  We also offer pool maintenace contracts, special event cleanings, on-site water balancing and testing, as well as free chemical delivery!  

Canfield Pools offers you everything you need to enjoy and maintain your inground swimming pool!



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